004 – Lauren Nischan: How to make an impact using food, farming, and laughter.

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Lauren Nischan has spent the last ten years of her life working in food and farming. She’s been a baker, a bartender, a farmer, and a farm community organizer. Lauren has recently shifted from her position as Food Service Marketing Manager for Niman Ranch, a humane and sustainable meat distributor. She is now a full-time sustainable food consultant. She is also an Associate with Changing Tastes, which creates successful and sustainable food ventures in communities all over the country. She spends most of her free time eating food, making food, or enjoying the outdoors with her dog “Ready”.
Lauren and I have been friends since she moved to Denver a few years ago.  She has always astonished me with her knowledge of food and the food industry.  She is driven, positive, kind, and wheres her heart on her sleeve.  We dive into some deep topics in this episode;  covering heartbreak, drug addiction, and rising above adversity.  As well as I knew Lauren, I learned so much from this interview.  She is has a contagious optimism, and a wealth of knowledge.  I hope you enjoy this episode with sustainable food consultant Lauren Nischan.
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IG: @laneesh

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