009: LIVE – Phish, Colorado, and the Cannabis Industry

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An in-depth discussion on the realities of the cannabis industry, the companies and people leading the way, and the love of music and Phish.

Cannabis Leaders on Industry, Colorado, and Phish
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Hello Again and welcome to a special episode of the Mindful Millennial Podcast.  Today is the first live round table episode on the MindMill. Myself, as well as Chip Baker from “The Real Dirt Podcast”, joined up and hosted an open discussion with some of the top players in the cannabis industry.  The topic: Phish (with a PH) and Cannabis in Colorado.  The show was a blast, and a refreshing format change to normal episodes on the Mindful Millennial.  The episode was recoded live outside of the Phish lot, which as many of you know is spectacle in and of itself.
I personally have a close relationship with Phish.  The band not only influenced my musical tastes at a formative age, they also pushed me to practice my instruments to able to musically improvise with others, a skill that continues to serve me today.  As a long time phish fan, I was eager to take a little air time to talk music and history with other Phish heads.  Us here in Denver have been spoiled by a consistent 3-day run of shows over labor day weekend.  Its been happening for 7 years now, and is always a great time to reconnect with friends from all over the country and enjoy the band’s music.
Those of you that are familiar with Phish know that a lot of people who enjoy the band also enjoy cannabis.  Lets face it, Phish and Weed are like PB&J.  The cannabis industry has exploded here in Colorado over the past 8 years. The industry is rapidly evolving into a professional market for alternative medicine.  Up until a year ago, I was immersed in the cannabis industry.  I have been lead horticulturalist, facility manager, compliance consultant, and director of operations at leading cannabis companies.  Although I am currently not working in the space,  I know the industry and love discussing it with fellow professionals.
And that brings us to our live show.  Some of the leading entrepreneurs and professionals in the Colorado cannabis industry discussing their craft and a band they love.  Hope you enjoy!
Cannabis Leaders on Industry, Colorado, and Phish
Seth and Chip hosting a round table discussion with Cannabis Leaders.
Cannabis Leaders on Industry, Colorado, and Phish
Round Table discussion on Cannabis, Colorado, and the band Phish
Hosted By:
Jim Biviano – Founder and CEO of Ascend Industries – Premium Cannabis Oil
Adam Brous – HighWest Cannabis
Trace Reddick – Harmony Extracts – Hydro Carbon Extracting methods
Taylor Kane aka TK – Sales Manager at Harmony Extract

Thanks so much for listening to The Mindful Millennial Podcast!

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