Phone. Keys. Wallet. BOOKLET.


The MindMill Booklet is your catch-all for creativity and productivity. This 74-page pocket book is built for everyday writing and easy navigation. The design features intuitive sections and list templates to inspire both the professional and the artistic. This durable and ultra-slim booklet was created for beginners and experienced noters alike; maximizing writing habits, improving focus and mastering tech/life balance.


  • A catch-all for creativity & productivity

  • Filled with flexible list & note templates

  • Inspires & guides healthy writing habits

  • Teaches tech/life balance

  • Icon-Assisted Navigation Top Bar

  • Gorgeous integrated artwork to stimulate creativity

  • 43 Pages of organization templates, designed to inspire and consolidate thoughts, notes, sentiments, and reminders

  • 14 Dot-Grid Open Pages