The Mindful Millennial Podcast features interviews with impactful individuals from all walks of life.  Occasionally, host Seth Marcus will veer off normal structure to focus on more personal topics.  Recorded primarily in Denver, CO, the MindMill focuses on the common complexities faced by those living in this age of information.

The Mindful Millennial Podcast Episodes




Innovating an Industry by Helping Others | Marques Torbert

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Innovating an Industry by Helping Others | Marques Torbert Entrepreneur, Investor, & Financial Strategist Marques Torbert on how to seize opportunities, work with purpose, and lead with positivity. Todays episode is with Marques Torbert.  Marques is the CEO of Ametros … Read More

Share Your Strength | Tara Laferrara

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Health Coach & Fitness Trainer Tara Laferrara on a fit lifestyle, owning your digital presence, and taking your business all over the world. Todays episode is with fitness professional, coach, and all-around life crusher Tara Laferrara.  Tara is a leader … Read More

Rediscover yourself through Transcendental Meditation | Julie Boyd

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Rediscover yourself through Transcendental Meditation | Julie Boyd Julie Boyd is an Author, Artist, Teacher, and Transcendental Mediation practitioner.  Her experiences with TM have sparked an “awakening” in her life that have expanded her in every direction conceivable.  She does … Read More

Old Gold Vintage | Allie & Natalie Toth

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Entrepreneurs & Sisters Allie and Natalie Toth bring vintage fashion to their customers doorstep. Todays show is with Allie and Natalie Toth, sisters and creators of Old Gold Vintage.  Old Gold is a mobile boutique based in Colorado.  The sisters … Read More

Jeff Suskin | Building Community with Food & Wine

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Jeff Suskin is a Dining Magazine Publisher, Food Festival Creator, Jiu Jitsu & Yoga Practitioner, Community Leader & Mentor. Building Community with Food & Wine Jeff is the publisher of Dining Out Magazine, a premier guide to the local restaurant scene … Read More

Courtney Mathis | Cannabis Doing Good

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Courtney Mathis | Cannabis Doing Good Courtney Mathis is a serial entrepreneur within the Cannabis Space.  Her history in the non-profit sector has given her a unique passion for business/community involvement, which she now applies to the emerging cannabis industry.  … Read More

The Philosopher Musician | Sam Krentzman

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“Musicians must have the heart of a gypsy and the discipline of a soldier.” Sam Krentzman is a musician, songwriter, producer, publisher, entrepreneur, and philosopher.  Sam is a life-long artist, whose path has taken him all over the world finding … Read More

Adam Ornelas | Marketing Samurai

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Adam Ornelas on how to share your true self in the world of marketing   Adam Ornelas is a marketing professional, community strategist, and podcaster based in Denver, Colorado.   A Self proclaimed “reformed bro”, Adam found his love of … Read More

The Ripple Effect of Swimming and Art | Austin Zucchini-Fowler

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How Swimming and Art shaped a Community Leader Episode 011 – Austin Zucchini-Fowler – Released 11/9/2017 Austin Zucchini-Fowler is the lead swim coach at the University of Denver Hilltoppers and exceptional local artist.  Austin’s current artistic focus is in pointillism … Read More

010: Chip Baker – Before & AFTER Ayahuasca Pt.2

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“High as Hell in the Jungle” with Chip Baker.  An In-depth observation of the Ayahuasca experience, before and after.   Hello and welcome to the Mindful Millennial Podcast.  Today’s episode is the second part of my interview on the Ayahuasca … Read More

009: LIVE – Phish, Colorado, and the Cannabis Industry

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An in-depth discussion on the realities of the cannabis industry, the companies and people leading the way, and the love of music and Phish. Introduction Hello Again and welcome to a special episode of the Mindful Millennial Podcast.  Today is … Read More

008: Chip Baker – Before and After Ayahuasca Pt.1

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Whats Up everybody!?  Seth here, and todays episode of the Mindful Millennial is the first of a small small series of episodes coming over the next few weeks.  When I’m not on Mindmill duties,  I work as a producer on another … Read More

007: Michael Kaplan – On Work Family Balance, Entrepreneurship in Law, and traveling the world with 4 kids.

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Michael Kaplan on Work Family Balance, Entrepreneurship in Law, and traveling the world with 4 kids This episode is with Michael Kaplan, founding partner at Kaplan/Morrel Law firm. Mike is an accomplished workers compensation attourney, successful entrepreneur, husband and father … Read More

004 – Lauren Nischan: How to make an impact using food, farming, and laughter.

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Lauren Nischan has spent the last ten years of her life working in food and farming. She’s been a baker, a bartender, a farmer, and a farm community organizer. Lauren has recently shifted from her position as Food Service Marketing Manager … Read More