We all start somewhere.  These projects represent the current and past creations and collaborations associated with The Mindmill Podcast.


DARKARTS – “A whirlwind of Feels”. From the far side of the mountains, DARKARTS blends 90’s alt rock, heavy drum/bass grooves, and psychedelia. Fueled by haunting female vocals, DARKARTS stirs the soul.


Westword Features

Working with Jake Holschuh Photography, MindMill host Seth Marcus conducts interviews with impactful members of the Denver community.  These candid interviews are featured in Denver’s independent print and digital magazine, The Westword.  Jake and Seth are teaming up this year on numerous projects, much more to come!


March For Science – Denver 2017

The importance of scientific research and technological implementation has never been more paramount.  The Mindmill Podcast, along-side Jake Holschuh Photography, documented the Denver March for Science, April 22 2017.