#12: Sam Krentzman | The Philosopher Musician
012 - Sam Krentzman

#12: Sam Krentzman | The Philosopher Musician

“Musicians must have the heart of a gypsy and the discipline of a soldier.” [clear] Sam Krentzman is a musician, songwriter, producer, publisher, entrepreneur, and philosopher.  Sam is a life-long artist, whose path has taken him all over the world finding God, Music, and Art in all things.  He’s always been one of my most fascinating friends, and Im really excited to share this conversation on the show.  He truly is the Philosopher Musician. [clear] Sam Krentzman is involved in an array of projects here in the Denver community. He leads 3 different bands,  the Denver Messengers,  and The Armory Music Center…. this guy never stops.  Sam is a…


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