About The MindMill Media

The MindMill believes the discovery and tenacious pursuit of one’s purpose is the key to a successful life. We create products to fuel that mission; driving our user’s creativity and productivity.


Phone, keys, wallet, BOOKLET.
The MindMill Booklet is your catch-all for creativity and productivity. This 74-page pocket book is built for everyday writing and easy navigation. The design features intuitive sections and list templates to inspire both the professional and the artistic. This durable and ultra-slim booklet was created for beginners and experienced noters alike; maximizing writing habits, improving focus and mastering tech/life balance.


Find your purpose. Fuel Your Purpose

The MindMill Podcast is a show for the ambitious, the creative, the mindful. Short features and long-form interviews provide an inside look into how host Seth Marcus is building community through consciousness in Denver, Colorado. His conversations with leaders, artists, mentors, and starters distill themes of success across many disciplines. The MindMill Podcast inspires building connection and community through presence, productivity, and vulnerability.

About Seth

Seth Marcus is adventurous, ambitious, and playful. A musician, successful entrepreneur, seasoned traveler, yogi and business coach, he is constantly striving to figure out exactly what it means to ‘be a grown-up’ without compromising his values, authenticity and happiness, After graduating from Clemson University, Seth moved to Denver and has spent the last decade learning, traveling, and deepening his awareness of sacred economics, the importance of cultural diversity, and the power of positivity. He brings a blend of professionalism and mindfulness, to all his pursuits and believes success is not only being rich in money, but in time and happiness as well.

Seth’s relationships have been at the forefront of his growth his entire life. Family and friends, mentors and teachers, starters and leaders; all have had an enormous impact on him. As he navigates life, his successes have come from focussed hard work and valuing authentic relationships. It is this connection with people that led him to the Mindmill podcast. His ability to ask the poignant questions, seek genuine through vulnerability, and wear his heart on his sleeve are the special sauce he brings to every interaction. The Mindmill podcast delivers the perfect coffee shop meeting we wish we could have every day: an uninterrupted, nitty gritty conversation with people we admire.