About the mindmill

Creativity, Performance & Mindfulness with Psychedelics

The Mindmill empowers individuals to unlock their creative potential through psychedelic coaching, mindful tools & practices, and artistic exploration. We believe in cultivating a mindset of success and providing the tools and support needed to flourish creatively.


Seth Marcus is a mindful adventurer, creative catalyst, and certified psychedelic coach. Seth is dedicated to helping individuals tap into their inner wisdom and unlock their creative potential. With a unique blend of expertise in mindfulness, creativity, and psychedelics, Seth offers a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth.
Through his compassionate guidance, individuals learn to navigate the realms of consciousness, cultivate mindfulness in their daily lives, and create a harmonious balance between inner exploration and outer expression.
Seth’s authentic and engaging approach, combined with his deep passion for empowering others, creates a space where individuals can truly thrive, embrace their true selves, and manifest their dreams.
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