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3-Month Mindful Microdosing Program

The Mindful Microdosing program is your pathway to responsible and impactful psychedelic use. Working directly with Seth, your personalized program features best practices, mindful techniques, accountability, interactive reflection, goal setting, and professional support, all tailored to facilitate your personal transformation.

The Journey Starts with Booking a Call

We provide premium guidance, unwavering support, and mindful empowerment to professionals and the psychedelic-curious. We prioritize discretion, safety, and the tailored experiences of each of our clients.

  • Discreet & Private Premium Coaching Services
  • Customized Microdose Regimen
  • Interactive Microdosing Journal

3-Month Mindful Microdosing Program

The Mindful Microdosing Program is your pathway to responsible and impactful psychedelic use. We provide best practices, mindful techniques, accountability, interactive reflection, goal setting, and professional support, all tailored to facilitate your personal transformation.

Premium Psychedelic Coaching Services

Optimize Your Lifestyle, Cultivate Happiness and Creativity, and Activate Your Psychedelic Journey.

3-Month Personalized Coaching Journey

Experience a transformation of self-discovery and growth through one-on-one psychedelic coaching. Our premium programs are tailored specifically for you. We guide you safely through responsible and transformational psychedelic practices. From microdosing to deeper journeys, we offer safe and discreet services for profound experiences.

Interactive Microdosing Journal

A Powerful Yet Simple Daily Companion for Unlocking Your Full Potential. The Microdosing Journal accompanies your daily journey, providing a comprehensive introduction to responsible microdosing. The journal features areas for goal setting, planning, and reflection. Profound and playful, the Microdosing Journal is your ally as progress on your intentional psychedelic journey.

Customized Microdose Regimen

Your journey starts with a customized microdosing plan, carefully designed to match your schedule, objectives, and intentions. Backed by extensive education, discretion, and professional support, your safety is of utmost priority. Our microdose capsules, sourced from premium Colorado organic psilocybin mushrooms, are accurately dosed and color-coordinated, ensuring a seamless integration with your daily life.

Included in the Program

  • Comprehensive Psychedelic Safety Education
  • Personalized Microdosing Regimen & Schedule
  • Discreet & Private Premium Service
  • Access to Premium Microdosing Capsules
  • 1:1 Sessions (In-Person or Online)
  • Ongoing Support and Care
  • Personalized Action Plans
  • 3-Month Integrated Microdosing Journal
  • Private Digital Dashboard w Session Logs, Tools & Resources, and Planning
  • Session Recordings with Notes, Summary, and Analysis
  • Step-by-Step Guidance
The mindmill coaching program

Who Is This Program For?

Curious Newcomers

Psychedelic newcomers embarking on their journey. They seek reassurance, a step-by-step process, and a strong connection throughout their coaching experience to confidently explore the world of psychedelics.

Professionals Seeking Performance

Business professionals ready for a comprehensive, safe, and discreet exploration of psychedelics. Seeking stress relief, better habits, purpose, happiness, and optimal performance.

Lifestyle Transformers

Individuals determined to make significant changes in their daily lives. Ready to conquer addictions, unhealthy habits, and negative thought patterns. They’re looking for accountability, goal-setting, and empowerment to facilitate lasting change.

Creatives & Entrepreneurs

Business owners, creative professionals and entrepreneurs. Seeking to ignite their creativity, unlock innovative business solutions, and elevate their vibrational energy.

Family Focused Individuals

Family men and women on a journey of curiosity, discovering the potential of psychedelics to strengthen relationships. Striving for personal growth and a centered approach to better support their loved ones.

Spiritual Seekers

Religious and spiritual individuals with a desire to deepen their connection with a higher power. Interested in exploring the historical use of psychedelics in religious contexts, they seek to strengthen their spirituality and devotion.

What to Expect

Deliverables & Outcomes

Meet Your Coach

psychedelics - microdosing
Seth Marcus. The MindMill

About Seth Marcus

I am an author, a transformation coach, and a lifelong creative. I believe that we are all divine creations. I also believe we are the powerful creators of our own lives.

In 2019, my life was halted by a life-threatening illness. I spent months in the hospital, lost nearly 25% of my body mass, and endured rigorous medical treatments and interventions. With nearly nothing left, I “chose to live.” This became my mantra, and it transformed me.

I radically shifted my lifestyle. I rebuilt my body, transformed my mindset, won a national fitness competition, lived in Hawaii, continued my deep intentional practice with psychedelic medicines, wrote and released two music albums, fell in love, reshaped my business, and became a certified and successful mindful psychedelic coach.

I am dedicated to helping individuals transform themselves into their best, most creative selves. With the help of conscious psychedelic use, mindful practices, mindset mastery, and courageous action; we can all create our best lives.

Included in the Mindful Microdose Program

  • Certified Expertise
  • Intentional Accountability
  • Transformational Practices
  • Reliable Guidance
  • Ongoing Support and Care
  • Personalized Action Plans
  • Self-Discovery Exercises
  • Engaging and Interactive Exercises
  • Free Downloadable Resources
  • Step-by-Step Guidance

Featuring The Microdosing Journal.

Your 3-Month companion and guide throughout your psychedelic journey, offering a structured framework for self-reflection, intention setting, and progress tracking.

By integrating the Microdosing Journal into our coaching programs, we ensure that you have a comprehensive and holistic approach to your personal growth. The journal provides a safe and sacred space to document your experiences, insights, and breakthroughs, while offering practical resources, prompts, and exercises to enhance your self-discovery process. Including the Microdosing Journal in your coaching package empowers you to fully harness the potential of psychedelics, facilitating deeper introspection, fostering personal development, and enabling lasting positive change.

Journal Features


The Mindful Microdosing Program is your three-month transformational journey. Seth’s personalized and attentive services are dedicated to a small, committed group clientele, ensuring the greatest impact on creativity, mindfulness, and performance. We offer three flexible payment options to suit your needs.

Halfway Payment


Safely Test the Waters, Halfway Commitment

Premium & Personalized Microdosing Program

2 Payment Installments

3-Month Microdosing Journal

Comprehensive Digital Portal

Total – $3200

Full 3-Month Transformation

The Ultimate Mindful Microdosing Experience

Premium & Personalized Microdosing Program

** Maximum Discount

** 30-Day Guarantee

** Priority Scheduling & Service

3-Month Microdosing Journal

Comprehensive Digital Portal

Monthly Installments


Gradual Transformation, Affordable Path

Premium & Personalized Microdosing Program

3 Monthly Payments

3-Month Microdosing Journal

Comprehensive Digital Portal

Total – $3600