Psychedelic Coaching

The Journey is the destination

Transformative Courses, Daily Practices, Community Support, and our therapist-approved journals.

Experience a journey of self-discovery and growth through guided meditation, personal writing, creative exercises, goal setting, and intentionality.

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Cultivating Mindfulness and Creativity through Psychedelic Wisdom

  • Certified Expertise
  • Intentional Accountability
  • Transformational Practices
  • Reliable Guidance
  • Ongoing Support and Care
  • Personalized Action Plans
  • Self-Discovery Exercises
  • Engaging and Interactive Exercises
  • Free Downloadable Resources
  • Step-by-Step Guidance

Meet Seth Marcus

I am Seth Marcus, a passionate mindfulness and creativity coach, dedicated to helping individuals harness the transformative power of psychedelics. Drawing from my own journey of personal growth and exploration, I guide others in cultivating mindfulness, unlocking their creative potential, and navigating intentional experiences with psychedelics.

With a deep understanding of the profound impact these substances can have, I offer a safe and supportive space for individuals to explore their inner realms. Through empathetic listening and compassionate guidance, I help clients integrate psychedelic experiences into their personal growth journeys, fostering profound insights, healing, and self-discovery.

As a trusted and certified guide, I have studied under esteemed mentors, including doctors, therapists, and indigenous practitioners. This diverse training equips me with a comprehensive toolkit to support individuals in their quest for self-realization and expanded consciousness.

My approach is rooted in authenticity, empathy, and empowerment. I understand the trepidation many individuals may feel around psychedelics, especially those with families and established lives. I provide a balanced perspective that emphasizes responsible and intentional use, while fostering personal growth, creativity, and spiritual well-being.

Through mindfulness practices, creative exercises, and intentional rituals, I help my clients tap into their innate wisdom, cultivate a positive mindset, and design a lifestyle aligned with their values and aspirations. Together, we work to unlock their true potential, awaken their creativity, and embrace a life of purpose, fulfillment, and abundance.

Program Features

Reliable Guidance / Goal Setting Support / Intentional Accountability / Certified Expertise / Creative Explorations / Transformational Practices / Mindfulness Techniques / Personalized Action Plans / Self-Discovery Exercises / Ongoing Support and Care / Free Downloadable Resources / Accessible Information and Resources / Step-by-Step Guidance / Empowering Self-Assessment Tools / Engaging and Interactive Exercises / Supportive Community Network

The Microdosing Journal

Enhance your coaching experience with our specially designed microdosing journal. Track your progress and insights during your transformative journey.

Our coaching programs are taken to the next level with the addition of our Microdosing Journal, a powerful tool designed to amplify your growth and transformation.

This journal serves as a companion and guide throughout your psychedelic journey, offering a structured framework for self-reflection, intention setting, and progress tracking. By integrating the Microdosing Journal into our coaching programs, we ensure that you have a comprehensive and holistic approach to your personal growth. The journal provides a safe and sacred space to document your experiences, insights, and breakthroughs, while offering practical resources, prompts, and exercises to enhance your self-discovery process. Including the Microdosing Journal in your coaching package empowers you to fully harness the potential of psychedelics, facilitating deeper introspection, fostering personal development, and enabling lasting positive change.

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