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Creativity, Performance & Mindfulness with Psychedelics

The Mindmill empowers individuals to unlock their creative potential through psychedelic coaching, mindful tools & practices, and artistic exploration. We believe in cultivating a mindset of success and providing the tools and support needed to flourish creatively.


Whether you are a microdosing beginning or returning to a psychedelic practice, the Mindmill is here to assist in your journey.

At The MindMill, we provide education, journals, private coaching, and a range of services to help guide you in establishing an intentional and beneficial microdosing routine.

I am dedicated to helping people transform themselves into their best, most creative selves. With the help of conscious psychedelic use, mindful practices, mindset mastery, and courageous action; we can all create our best lives.

I’d love to work with you!

-Seth Marcus

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Seth Marcus. The MindMill