A Powerful Yet Simple Daily Companion for Unlocking Your Full Potential


Your microdosing practice is YOURS. We created the Microdosing Journal to guide people on their microdosing journey. The journal educates on safe approaches to psychedelics, setting up their microdosing schedule, and offers a structured framework for self-reflection, intention setting, and progress tracking.

Activate Your Microdosing Journey

A Journal as Original as You


  • 12-Week Guided Journal
  • Introduction to Psychedelics and Microdosing
  • Goal & Intention Setting
  • Structured & Open Spaces
  • Inspiring Daily Insights
  • Transformational Guidance
  • Clean & Artistic Design
  • Spontaneous Acts of Curiosity
  • Playful Creative Exercises

The Microdosing Journal

Your 3-Month companion and guide throughout your mindful microdosing journey.

Comprehensive Introduction to Microdosing

Essential knowledge on psychedelic safety and responsible microdosing practices, enriched with insights into mindful practices and the critical aspects of set and setting.

Goal and Intention Setting

Thoughtfully designed sections for defining clear goals and intentions, aligning your microdosing practice with personal growth targets.

Your Daily Companion

This is your personal journey with an intentional microdosing lifestyle. Journal includes daily areas dedicated to gratitude, goals, and intentions, coupled with thoughtful planning and reflection spaces, guiding you to fully embrace and document your growth.

Beautiful Artistic Design with Interactive Elements

A beautifully designed layout, enriched with interactive coloring pages, spaces for creative expression, inspirational quotes, and a variety of activities and prompts to enhance your journaling journey.