#38: The Music & Story of DARKARTS

Seth Marcus, Liat Arochas, Anthony Gugate, Adam Gerber, Jake Holschuh,
DARKARTS Band on The MindMill Podcast

DARKARTS is a Psychedelic Alt-Rock band from Denver Colorado.  MindMill host Seth Marcus performed in and managed the group.  Seth and lead-singer Liat Arochas debut the ‘Mountain Sleep’ album, share the story of the band, and discuss the complexities of collaborative creation in music and life.

Today’s episode is very special to me.  Today we debut the album and discuss the story of my most recent musical project, DARKARTS;   Although this is just one bands story; the themes, successes and struggles echo for many of us when working creatively with others.  There are few things more difficult than building a successful band.  Just like any side hustle, it takes dedication, honest communication, late nights, and plenty of uncomfortable work.  DARKARTS was very special to me.  The music was unique and catchy, some of the best ive ever had part in writing.  Furthermore, the moments shared with these remarkable humans will shape me for the rest of my life.  Although many parts of this episode are sad, the overarching emotions i feel introducing the episode is pride and gratitude for experiencing this chapter in my life, and creating music I’m so proud of.

As long as I can remember, I’ve been a music lover.

I remember singing Beatles songs with my mom on the way home from school in 2nd grade, signing up for school band the first year it was available, my first concert (DC talk for all you christian rock purists out there), and (most importantly) my first time jamming and writing music with others.  For those out there not familiar, jamming is musical improvisation.  Getting together with other musicians and spontaneously creating songs and grooves.  It is any extremely popular style of collaborative writing, and requires music theory knowledge as well as a keen listening ear.  The result is a type of musical conversation, unique to the musicians involved and that time and place.  The beauty of jamming is that it is a universal language, it provides a glimpse into each players soul, unachievable in verbal communication.  A good jam can make great friends; and thats what made DARKARTS so special.  Each of our unique musical voices came together to write beautiful music.

In this episode, I am joined by my co-write and lead singer of DARKARTS, Liat Arochas.  

We get together over coffee to reminisce on the story of the band, as well as to introduce our finished album, Mountain Sleep.  Liat and I have spent a lot of time together, our candor is quickly demonstrated via our slaphappy energy at the beginning of the conversation.  Comedy is an absolute must when working together in such intimate creative setting like music.  Liat is like a sister to me, and it was very therapeutic to celebrate DARKARTS with her in this fashion.  As I mention in the conversation, DARKARTS had an abrupt and emotional ending.  Because of this,  I hadn’t spoke about the band or listened to the music in months.  Revisiting this story was challenging for me, but Im so glad I faced it, and am sharing it with you guys.

Our album, Mountain Sleep, along with a live concert release is available on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Listen away, I hope you enjoy DARKARTS as much as we did.  Ok, long introduction Seth, lets get into the episode!


Listen to ‘Mountain Sleep’ Album

Seth Marcus, Liat Arochas, Anthony Gugate, Adam Gerber, Jake Holschuh,
DARKARTS Band on The MindMill Podcast

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DARKARTS – “A whirlwind of feels”. From the far side of the mountains, DARKARTS blends 90’s alt rock, heavy drum/bass grooves, and psychedelia. Fueled by haunting female vocals, DARKARTS stirs the soul.

  • Liat Arochas – Lead vocals. Guitar. Lunar Siren
  • Anthony Fugati – Backing Vocals and Vocal Effects. Synth. Percussion. Cockpit of Awesome
  • Seth Marcus – Bass. Synth. Backing Vocals. Bass-face model.
  • Adam Gerber – Drums. Vibes. Don’t touch his nipples.


Jake Holschuh Photography – All DARKARTS Photo/Video.

John Riley Productions – Tracking/Mixing/Housing ‘Mountain Sleep’ Album.

All the fans, friends, and family who Supported DARKARTS. We LOVE this project, and you guys.

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