#22: Scott St.John | The Upward Spiral Pt.1
The Mindmill - Scott St. John - The Upward Spiral Pt 1

#22: Scott St.John | The Upward Spiral Pt.1

Serial Entrepreneur, Fitness Instructor & Influencer Scott St.John Shares his Philosophy on Business, Family, and Technology in the Wellness Industry. This MindMill episode is with Scott St John.  Scott is an educator turned nutrition & fitness instructor.  Him and his wife Laura own and operate one of Denvers best gyms, Pearl Street Fitness. Together, they have built a physical and online community, “strong confident living” that inspires and transforms thousands of people across the world.  Seth was fortunate enough to interview both Scott and Laura on the MindMill Podcast.  They embody the “sweet and salty” combination, Scott absolutely being the Salt.  He is an amazing instructor, leader motivator.  He…


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