Fireside in Yellowstone Park | Greg Woodruff
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Greg Woodruff returns to the Mindmill Podcast. Seth and Greg reflect on a transformative year from backcountry in Yellowstone National Park. This episode is a special one. A while back, I interviewed my good friend Greg Woodruff; Jiu Jitsu competitor, … Read More

Tyrone Beverly | The Poetic Flow
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Tyrone Beverly is an Entrepreneur and Unifier; Connecting Humans and Communities of Diverse Backgrounds through Yoga and Discussion. Todays episode is with Tyrone Beverly, and Im very excited to share his story with you. Tyrone is an entrepreneur, community leader, … Read More

Sound Healing, Musical Ecstasy, & Good Vibrations | Joshua Greenfield
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  Joshua Greenfield is a vibrational healer, professional musician, and teacher of mindful cooking. He is on a mission to teach the world how to tap into their own ability to heal themselves through music. Today we are with Joshua … Read More

Triathlons, Finance, & Fitness | The Unstoppable Taylor Ames
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[space_20] Taylor Ames is Integrating Fitness & Mindfulness into the Professional Finance Community Today we have an awesome episode with the one and only Taylor Ames. Taylor is a competitive Triathlete, Financial Advisor, and Fitness Coach. His ambassadorship with Lululemon … Read More

The Upward Spiral Pt.2 | Laura St.John
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Mindset, Nutrition, & Fitness Coach Laura St. John Radiates Positivity and Motivation from her Neighborhood to all over the World. Today we are with Laura St. John, part 2 of the Upward spiral series here on the Mindmill. Laura is … Read More

The Upward Spiral Pt.1 | Scott St.John
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Serial Entrepreneur, Fitness Instructor & Influencer Scott St.John Shares his Philosophy on Business, Family, and Technology in the Wellness Industry. This MindMill episode is with Scott St John.  Scott is an educator turned nutrition & fitness instructor.  Him and his … Read More

Martial Arts, Yoga, & Yellowstone | The Badassery of Greg Woodruff
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Greg Woodruff shares his Passion for Martial Arts, Yoga, and the Outdoors with Communities around the Country. Today’s episode is with Greg Woodruff.  Greg is a martial arts competitor & instructor, a guide at Yellowstone national park, and a yoga teacher. … Read More

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