#26: Taylor Ames | Triathlons, Finance, & Fitness
The Mindmill Podcast - Taylor Ames

#26: Taylor Ames | Triathlons, Finance, & Fitness

[space_20] Taylor Ames is Integrating Fitness & Mindfulness into the Professional Finance Community Today we have an awesome episode with the one and only Taylor Ames. Taylor is a competitive Triathlete, Financial Advisor, and Fitness Coach. His ambassadorship with Lululemon here in Denver has introduced him to other incredible individuals that has led to his newest initiative; bringing mindfulness into the world of finance. He and his team are disrupting the finance culture with exercise, yoga, and breathing workshops at conferences. The results have been beyond what anyone expected, changing the lifestyle and mentality of those in a traditionally conservative industry. Taylor is a force to be reckoned with,…


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