#17: Tara Laferrara | Share Your Strength
016 - Tara Laferrara

#17: Tara Laferrara | Share Your Strength

Health Coach & Fitness Trainer Tara Laferrara on a fit lifestyle, owning your digital presence, and taking your business all over the world. Todays episode is with fitness professional, coach, and all-around life crusher Tara Laferrara.  Tara is a leader in the Denver fitness community and hosts numerous retreats all over the world; all powered by her can-do body positive message.  Not only a force in person, Tara’s digital presence broadcasts her to hundreds of thousands of people.  Her website and social media account are chalk full of fun workouts, proper form tips, healthy meal plans, and positive message.  Shit, half the time just watching her videos makes my…


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