#09: Chip Baker | Before & AFTER Ayahuasca Pt.2
009 - Chip Baker Pt.2

#09: Chip Baker | Before & AFTER Ayahuasca Pt.2

"High as Hell in the Jungle" with Chip Baker.  An In-depth observation of the Ayahuasca experience, before and after. [hr] Hello and welcome to the MindMill Podcast.  Today’s episode is the second part of my interview on the Ayahuasca experience with Entrepreneur Chip Baker.  As you may remember from the first episode in this series, or in the most recent live episode, Chip and I work together on his Cannabis Industry podcast, the Real Dirt with Chip Baker.  Him and his team have been crucial in advice and assistance in getting the Mindmill off the ground.  Podcasts, like any form of media, are much more challenging and complicated than…


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