#15: Allie & Natalie Toth | Old Gold Vintage
Old Gold Vintage owners Allie and Natalie Toth

#15: Allie & Natalie Toth | Old Gold Vintage

Entrepreneurs & Sisters Allie and Natalie Toth bring vintage fashion to their customers doorstep. [space_20] Todays show is with Allie and Natalie Toth, sisters and creators of Old Gold Vintage.  Old Gold is a mobile boutique based in Colorado.  The sisters share a love of travel, vintage fashion, and sustainability; inspiring them to create a business that accommodates all three.  Allie and Natalie purchased and retrofitted an old touring bus as their first mobile store, which they now take all over the Colorado front range.  The bus (affectionately named "Bellstar") is gorgeous, and houses a hand-picked collection of clothing and accessories for men and women.  Despite the name, Old…


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