#23: Laura St.John | The Upward Spiral Pt.2
The Mindmill - Laura St. John - The Upward Spiral Pt 2

#23: Laura St.John | The Upward Spiral Pt.2

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AogMmWbN9w&feature=youtu.be Mindset, Nutrition, & Fitness Coach Laura St. John Radiates Positivity and Motivation from her Neighborhood to all over the World. Today we are with Laura St. John, part 2 of the Upward spiral series here on the MindMill. Laura is the co-owner of the Strong.Confident Living wellness program and Denver local Gym Pearl Street fitness. She is also the wife of the last guest, Scott St John. Be sure to check that episode out as well, as we discuss many complimentary topics. Their story is truly incredible and inspiring to those interested in health, relationships, and in business. While Scott is the ball-breaking fitness get-er-done “salt” of the…


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