The Upward Spiral Pt.2 | Laura St.John

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Mindset, Nutrition, & Fitness Coach Laura St. John Radiates Positivity and Motivation from her Neighborhood to all over the World.

Today we are with Laura St. John, part 2 of the Upward spiral series here on the Mindmill. Laura is the co-owner of the Strong.Confident Living wellness program and Denver local Gym Pearl Street fitness. She is also the wife of the last guest, Scott St John. Be sure to check that episode out as well, as we discuss many complimentary topics. Their story is truly incredible and inspiring to those interested in health, relationships, and in business. While Scott is the ball-breaking fitness get-er-done “salt” of the duo, Laura is the “sugar”. She is a beacon of light, its literally what her name means. She leads the nutrition, motivation, and mindset side of the Strong Confident living program. Her videos and online support have not only inspired me, but they encourage and educate people all over the world. Laura’s positivity is infectious, Ive never met someone with so many catch phrases. Together, Scott and Laura are community leaders, both in Denver and all over the digital world. Their message has positively shifted the bodies and minds of myself, friends and family; and their just getting started. Even as I travel, their “worldwide workout’ fitness videos keep me sweating and health focused. I am so grateful to gain an glimpse into the mind of Laura St John. In this interview, we discuss tool over toy philosophy for technology, growing a business with a spouse, the infinite power of positivity, and mind/body connection. Enjoy!

“We rise by lifting others.”

The Mindmill - Laura St. John - The Upward Spiral Pt 2
The Mindmill – Laura St. John – The Upward Spiral Pt 2


Laura St. John and her husband Scott St. John are local owners of Pearl Street Fitness in Denver, CO as well as the founders of Strong. Confident. Living. Founded in 2014, Strong. Confident. Living.(SCL) is a global community of people that weave together fitness, nutrition and mindset into a kickass lifestyle. With over 33,000 members worldwide, SCL makes good on its brand promise to deliver the most simple, effective and fun ways to crush goals, get in shape and never plateau.

Featured in SHAPE, Women’s Health, ABC News and FOX News, SCL has become well known for their free, bodyweight-only “worldwide workout” broadcasts, led by the hilarious banter of its founders, fitness power couple Laura and Scott St. John. SCL leverages its connection between people-driven experiences online and in person that are both edgy and fun for the whole family.

The grass-roots movement has been built organically by its own members, who love to share the free daily broadcasts delivered by Laura & Scott in the Strong Confident Living Facebook Group. The exponential growth of the brand has attracted world-class strategic partnerships. Laura and Scott are on a mission to impact millions of people to get active healthy and fit together using the no-nonsense theme of keeping it simple and fun. They will get you to work hard, move at your own pace, laugh, and leave you wanting more.



*This episode was recorded before Seth left for his trip to Europe. Some dates of the show are now in the past.

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