008: Chip Baker – Before and After Ayahuasca Pt.1
007 - Chip Baker Pt.1

008: Chip Baker – Before and After Ayahuasca Pt.1

Cannabis Expert

Whats Up everybody!?  Seth here, and todays episode of the Mindful Millennial is the first of a small small series of episodes coming over the next few weeks.  When I’m not on Mindmill duties,  I work as a producer on another awesome podcast, The Real Dirt with Chip Baker. Ive known Chip since I moved to Denver, and recently we’ve been working together on his in-depth podcast for the Cannabis Industry. Chip is a serial entrepreneur, and his horticultural companies service the Cannabis industry. This gives his show a unique vantage point that you won’t find in other cannabis podcasts. I highly recommend you check it out, he interviews the movers and shakers of the Cannabis world.



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