#07: Chip Baker | Before and After Ayahuasca Pt.1

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Whats Up everybody!?  Seth here, and todays episode of the MindMill is the first of a small small series of episodes coming over the next few weeks.  When I’m not on MindMill duties,  I work as a producer on another awesome podcast, The Real Dirt with Chip Baker. Ive known Chip since I moved to Denver, and recently we’ve been working together on his in-depth podcast for the Cannabis Industry. Chip is a serial entrepreneur, and his horticultural companies service the Cannabis industry. This gives his show a unique vantage point that you won’t find in other cannabis podcasts. I highly recommend you check it out, he interviews the movers and shakers of the Cannabis world.

Todays episode, however, is not about weed, although the subject does come up.  Today we are talking about Ayahuasca, the ancient plant medicine that has become incredibly popular and trendy in the past 10 years.  For those of you unfamiliar, Ayahuasca is a hallucinogenic brew from the Amazon.  It has been used for thousands of years by the indigenous tribes in the jungle. The brew offers a potent dosage of DMT, along with an enzyme inhibitor resulting in a powerful and deep hallucinogenic experience.  Ayahuasca has been glamorized by the burning man community and silicon valley alike, as its effects can cause intense outer body experiences and profound insights.  With its recent  explosion in popularity, the safety and responsible use of this brew have been compromised as its supply spreads over the world.  This is a touchy subject, and everyone seems to have their own opinion on this jungle juice.
When Chip told me he was traveling down to Peru for his first Ayahuasca experience, I jumped on the opportunity to interview him on the matter.  The result is a two-part before and after interview, the first being today’s episode.  We talk about preparation, expectations, safety, and science; along with some very badly pronounce scientific plant names.  Chip is quite ther character, and I really enjoyed his perspective and excitement in this interview.  Obligatory Disclaimer:  Ayahuasca is a powerful substance that has not been approved by the FDA, if you are considering ingesting Ayahusca, please do it in a safe and responsible manner, and under professional supervision. Guys, do your homework, this is far from a party drug.  I hope you enjoy part one of my interview with Chip Baker.


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