The Philosopher Musician | Sam Krentzman

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Sam Krentzman. Musician, Songwriter, Producer, Entrepreneur, Philosopher

“Musicians must have the heart of a gypsy and the discipline of a soldier.”

Sam Krentzman is a musician, songwriter, producer, publisher, entrepreneur, and philosopher.  Sam is a life-long artist, whose path has taken him all over the world finding God, Music, and Art in all things.  He’s always been one of my most fascinating friends, and Im really excited to share this conversation on the show.  He truly is the Philosopher Musician.
Sam Krentzman is involved in an array of projects here in the Denver community. He leads 3 different bands,  the Denver Messengers,  and The Armory Music Center…. this guy never stops.  Sam is a key part of the local music scene here, but his mission goes far beyond Denver.  Sam seeks to disrupt the music industry and bring the power (and funding) back to the artist.
This episode gets deep quick.  We discuss artistry and creativity in the age of information,  the necessary split-personality of a professional  musician,  disconnects in a world of connectivity, the philosophy of modern judaism, and much more.  Being around Sam inspires thought and a motivation to act.  Ladies and Gentleman… Sam Krentzman.


“If you can fail at anything, why not fail at something you love?”

Sam’s Bio
Samuel Edgar Krentzman was born and raised in Massachusetts in a small town in the woods. His home-schooled, farm-working, woods-wandering childhood allowed him the time he needed to develop into a recording artist and songwriter by the age of fourteen. Sam continued writing and performing music throughout high school and college. After college Sam moved to Arad, Israel to complete a seven-month artist residency where he produced and released a double album collection of original compositions from the desert. Sam returned from Israel to co-found Sea of Eyes in 2006 in New York City with Adam Gordon. In 2012, Sam started The Samuel Edgar Band in Denver, Colorado, and in 2017 founded Knife Crime, also in Denver.  In 2017 Sam founded The Armory, a Denver focused music production and publishing house. The Armory is an artist centered music services resource providing solutions for independent artists located at the intersection of Denver’s RINO, Five Points, and Curtis Park Neighborhoods.


About Denver Messengers

Denver Messengers supports Denver music artists by raising funds to provide the opportunities they need to develop in their craft and contribution to Denver and the world.  Denver Messengers’ Showcases capture the magic of our original music artists in high quality audio and video recordings in front of live audiences and shares that content to promote and support music artists of all types.

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