The Mindmill Podcast - Travel Recap Episode Pt.2
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#25: Travel Recap Episode | Part 2

Host Seth Marcus reflects on his 5 month journey through Europe in early 2018.  In Part 2 of 2, Seth and Brian talk on the oddities of travel, self-awareness, and application of lessons learned abroad.

Woooow. Just Wow. It feels so good to be back home. Summer is here, its grilling season, and Denver is blowing up! The city has grown so much since I moved here 8 years ago, but upon coming back Im floored by how much its exploded just in 5 months! I guess the word is out, Colorado life is where its at. As much as I would’ve liked to adjust immediately and get back into American life, it hasn’t been that easy. The jet lag is real, the altitude adjustment is very real, but the toughest adjustment has been the American energy. Its not a bad thing, but its just so different than in Europe. The pace of life here in the US can be overwhelming, and I think spending so long outside has made me hypersensitive to it. My reaction has been to reevaluate how and who I spend my time with. I mean, who are we kidding? Time is the most precious non-renewable thing we have, and how we spend this resource literally IS our life. So that been a challenge, but also a welcome one. Overall, I miss the excitement of travel, but so content to be sleeping in my bed and cooking in my kitchen again. Travel


Today is part 2 of the Europe 2018 travel recap series on the MindMill. Brian Tirey and I continue our discussion on my months abroad, while touching on the lessons learned and philosophy that comes from extended travel. We pick up right in the middle of our discussion, so please check out the previous episode to get the full story. I just couldn’t bring myself to release a 3 hour podcast, its the sole reason I rarely finish a Joe Rogan show. So I hope you enjoy the second part of the travel recap, it was so much fun to reflect on the trip with a close friend while it was still fresh in my mind. Brian is one of the best traveled people i know, hip hop aficionado, successful businessman, and a great friend. I promise he will be back on the show soon. Oh, and please check out MindMill abroad series on the website. The 5 part blog series features my best stab at photography, along with videos and a more detailed reflection on my travel experience. Ill be sure to attach links in the show notes. Ive already started recording new episodes, and have some amazing new guests coming down the line. Stay tuned and enjoy!

The Mindmill Podcast Host Seth Marcus
The MindMill Podcast Host Seth Marcus


This 2 part series of MindMill episodes is supported by a 5-part “MindMill Abroad” Travel Blog series.  These post contain tips and reflections of the journey, supported by photography and video.

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