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#04: Jillian Keaveny | Break-beats, Beach-bodies, and Branching out in the World of Fitness

Today’s episode is with fitness instructor, retreat coordinator, DJ, and all around badass Jillian Keaveny.
Good Morning! You may be listening to this at the end of the day, but here i am, off a 5-day work blitz, and happy to be sitting in my office, coffee in hand, introducing todays episode with Jillian Keaveny.
I met Jillian at a fitness studio here in Denver colorado.  Her classes are notorious in the group fitness community.  Her teaching style meshes yoga and HIIT to make you sore in areas you didn’t know you had.  Jillian is affectionately nicknamed the “velvet hammer”, as she masks her brutal workouts behind a positive and friendly demeanor.  Seriously, its hard to stay mad at Jillian, even after leg day.  She is also a DJ, and has performed at Redrocks and the Wanderlust Festival.
Jillian and I met for lunch a few weeks ago, and the opportunities to work together were too attractive to pass up!  Keep your eyes out for more collaborations in the future, but for now, I hope you enjoy my interview with Jillian Keveany.
Movement, music and connection are the driving force behind Jillian’s career and presence in the Denver community. Through teaching fitness and yoga classes, DJ’ing, and leading retreats, Jillian has a passion for connecting mind, body and sound. Ten years of leading functional movement and her classes sport the fun factor, are challenging and always intentional. Part of the intention Jillian encourages her clients/students to find is their own balanced experience of health and wellness, and personal growth. Jillian teaches fitness at Pearl Street Fitness, co-produces pop up events with SoundOff Colorado, co-owns beach.movement.balance retreats and can also be found collaborating with amazing influencers in the Denver area.

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