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#05: The Power of Writing Everything

Productive Writing
Writing can simplify an otherwise complex thought. Write it down, it always helps.

The Power of Writing Everything

This feature episode is about productive writing, how its utility has shifted in the last two decades, and why it is more important than ever.

We all feel overwhelmed at times, way too much on our plates, not enough time in the day.  Often it is our unorganized view of our task list (or lack thereof) that stresses us out, not the tasks themselves.  It is incredible how quickly writing your thoughts can simplify a project, emotion, or relationship.  In this episode,  host Seth discusses his writing habits and how he applies them to aid his happiness and productivity.

The following is the outline and show notes for this episode.

  • Everyone has ideas.  we can’t stop thinking.  The power of writing is in catching those flying thoughts, and concreting them to the page.
    • We can build on our ideas
    • We can express in words what feels so intangible.
    • Can be intimidating, but once you get over the fear of the blank page, it can be more powerful than therapy.
  • No one is born a note-taker.  It is something that each person has to practice.  It gets easier, but it will always be necessary
    • Even more necessary as we age.
      • More responsibilities and more to remember
      • fading memory and recognition
      • Our long term memory gets fuller and fuller
    • For me, it began in High school history class. Ms. Cox
    • College was more of distraction.  procrastination is not the way
  • Being a cultivation manager introduced me to the importance of calendars, scheduling, note-taking, and documentation
  • Keeping a complete calendar is the first step to freedom
    • example booking your self to study, take notes, journal, etc.
  • My current writing system
    • All-in Journal
      • Keep on or by me at all times
      • anything goes
      • to-do lists
      • grocery lists
      • Transfer to digital format once a week, usually sundays
    • Daily Journal
      • Daily gratitude
      • Long and short term goal setting
      • Reflection and planning
      • fun to read through and remember your days
    • Evernote
      • for building projects
      • saving notes
      • traveling
      • saving images and receipts
      • easy to build and share
    • Digital Calendar
      • shared and personal calendars
      • color coordination
      • alerts and reminders
    • Fitness Journal
      • Track exercise and eating habits
      • set goals and aceive them
      • what works and doesn’t work for your body
      • quantify your gains
      • writing everything you eat makes you think harder about what you put inside your body
    • Long form journal
      • So intimidating at first, now its therapy
      • start with prompted journal, it eliminates the fear of pen to blank paper


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