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#01: Welcome to The MindMill | Introductory Episode with Seth Marcus

Welcome into The MindMill.  It’s taken an odd and adventurous 30 years to get here, but host Seth Marcus opens up on lessons, routines, and events that have changed his life.  The MindMill Podcast dives into the systemic issues that govern our culture, and how young adults can traverse the world of screens and distractions.


Host Seth Marcus and Photographer Jake Holschuh sit down to talk about the Mindmill, its origins, and its purpose.  Jake and Seth are friends and colleagues.  They have worked together on a series of documentary shorts around the denver area.  Jake shoots, Seth interviews. Artists, Activists, Entrepreneurs, Politicians, & HipHop Ballets.  After working on a project together, Jake and Seth break out the rig and chat about the creation of the The MindMill and where it’s heading.

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