#47: Drew DeOrsey | Embodying Your 2.0 Self

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Drew DeOrsey | Embodying Your 2.0 Self

Drew DeOrsey is a holistic health and nutrition coach based in Denver.

In 2019, he was voted the #1 men’s fitness instructor in Denver. Drew is also a certified weight loss hypnotherapist.

Drew and Seth discuss the evolution of Drew’s career, the importance of working with a professional coach, and how tapping into your subconscious self facilitates massive and impactful life changes.

Voted Number 1 men’s fitness instructor in Denver, Drew Dorsey joins us today. He is a Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach. 

In 2019, he was voted the number 1 men’s fitness instructor in Denver. And he is also a Certified Weight Loss Hypnotherapist. He is one of the most driven and empowered individuals I’ve ever known. His positivity is infectious. He leads by example and is always searching for new ways to hone his body and mind.

And welcome back to another episode of the MindMill Podcast.

I have to say, it’s so fulfilling to be back on the show. It feels like a fresh start. And mostly, I love sharing these topics and guests with you. I relish open discussions and connections with fascinating people. And on that note, please send me feedback about what topics you would like to hear discussed on the show, who you would like me to chat with.

Addressing the Social Dilemma with Open Discussion.

 I just recently watched the Social Dilemma documentary. We are surrendering our uniqueness and free-will for click bate and fleeting dopamine hits. As much as it feels like we are destined to continue down this path of distraction and divide, I also found some silver linings. The film highlights that we are losing the ability to have open discussion with each other. Seeing how that is the foundation of this show, I feel empowered to continue producing the Mindmill. I love being back, healthy, and presenting this new episode with Drew to you today.

I’ve known Drew since he moved to Colorado and started teaching at a local gym. Over the years, we’ve become great friends. 

However, after I got sick, Drew became like a brother to me. He hosted a fundraising event on my behalf, came and visited me at the Mayo clinic, and guided me through weekly cyber hypnosis sessions to keep my mind and soul strong through the darkest points of my illness. 

After our interview, we recorded a short hypnosis session together. 

I included the session at the end of the show, so stick around! I’ve witnessed Drew grow in incredible ways in the years we’ve known each other. I’m so grateful for Drew, and am happy to share this conversation with him on the Mindmill. Enjoy!

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:30 Seth talks The Social Dilemma Documentary and the loss of discourse, reinforcing the mission of the The MindMill

1:00 Seth introduces guest Drew DeOrsey

2:05 Interview begins

3:10 Drew leads a brief intentional meditation

4:45 Reflections on the meditation

5:10 Drew’s story is illuminated through presence

6:15 The hero’s origin: Drew’s story unfolds

8:15 Inspiration: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

10:22 How leadership inspired Drew’s evolution towards authenticity and spirituality

12:45 Shedding layers to expand into the infinite 

14:25 As related to routine, discipline, and effortlessness

16:30 Discipline vs. effortlessness

17:10 Self-belief in a state of being sheds the stresses of a state of doing

19:30 The 2.0 version of self and Drew’s guidance in its visualization technique

25:30 Drew’s success under guidance of a life coach

28:30 Internal shift in attitude and behavior affects the external

30:45 Relating to a life coach

37:00 Drew’s journey towards nutrition and its relation to overall health and a unique diet

43:00 Tools for Maintaining deadlines during a pandemic: Jocko Willink’s Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual; Headspace App; Breathwrk App; A tip from Aubrey Marcus

49:15 Tapping into subconscious healing and change

54:45 Drew’s recommendations for a kickstart

57:40 Guided Meditation to embody the 2.0 self

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