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#03: Ann Kaplan | Reclaiming your “Self” after Becoming a Parent

Todays episode is a very special interview with Birthing and Parenting expert, Ann Kaplan.  Ann is a seasoned doula, a birthing coach and educator, and a mother of 4 amazing children.  I should know, they’re my little cousins.  Ann is a brilliant and driven entrepreneur, and has been developing her newest venture, “mom-me”, for the past year.  


Mom-me is a program dedicated to establishing one’s sense of self after becoming a parent.  The mom-me experience, Sunday May 7 in Denver Colorado… features educational and therapeutic sessions with experts from all areas of self-care

 Ann and I met and recorded at her house in the Wash park area of Denver.  Our conversation touches on birthing, parenting, and starting a new business from scratch;  with peppered embarrassing stories and jabs at yours truly.  No one can bust my balls like Ann; I love her and am so excited to see her business thrive.  So herrre we go…

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