Work Family Balance
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#06: Michael Kaplan | On Work Family Balance, Entrepreneurship in Law, and Traveling the world with 4 kids.

Michael Kaplan on Work Family Balance, Entrepreneurship in Law, and traveling the world with 4 kids

This episode is with Michael Kaplan, founding partner at Kaplan/Morrel Law firm. Mike is an accomplished workers compensation attourney, successful entrepreneur, husband and father of 4. He is also my cousin and biggest mentor. Mike has been my “big brother” my entire life, he knows me better than anyone. Michael and I discuss work family balance, stepping out on your own, leadership, and how bullying has shaped him as well as his parenting style. We prepped for this interview with a game of ping pong in my garage, which has been a lifelong rivalry for us. I loved this interview, and can’t wait to share it. So without further adoe, Michael Kaplan.

Work Family Balance
Michael Kaplan, his wife Ann, and four children

Mike’s Daily Affirmation:

There is only one success – “To be able to spend your life in your own way.”
Advice for the stressed achiever:
You have to create the meaning that allow you to enjoy every aspect of what your doing.  You have to bring that enjoyment to the table if it’s not there.  You have to bring the laughter, you have to bring the joy, you have to bring the harmony, you have to bring the fun; you have to bring all these things to the table.
Understand that life is about the journey, not the achievement.  Life is about happily achieving, not achieving to be happy.  Remove the stress from the achievement: keep the intensity, remove the stress.  “Do” with gratitude, joy, and happiness.  Enjoy the process.  You can keep the intensity, thats great, but you must let go of the stress.




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